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7 Signs You’re Aging Well, According To Geriatricians

Doctors reveal what they look for when examining a patient’s longevity and how you can adopt the behaviors for yourself. By Jillian Wilson

When it comes to getting older, there are many factors that help you live a fulfilled, healthy life — ones that go beyond working out and eating your vegetables (although that’s part of it, too).

“Aging well, in my opinion, consists of three different components,” said Dr. Parul Goyal, a geriatrician at Vanderbilt Health in Nashville. These categories are physical health, emotional connection and mental support, Goyal said.

These elements come together to help you live a life that’s rewarding, lively and healthful. Doctors say there are lots of behaviors that contribute to your physical, emotional and mental health as you grow older, and some clear signs that you’re taking care of yourself in these ways.

Below, geriatricians share the indicators that someone is aging well, along with a little advice if you feel like you’re not hitting the mark.